Projects I Wish I Had Time to Do

Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 10:48 pm in Favorite Finds, Inspiration, NaBloPoMo | 2 Comments

I love my feed reader, I really do. But then I start going through things and I uncover a wealth of things I would like to do … if only i had the time. Which is always, and never. These are some of the recent things, a bit of cleaning out the Halloween wish list as well. Let’s ignore the fact that I can’t actually do all these things, I must settle for admiring the creative and occasionally kooky talents of others.

Home is where the game controller is cross stitch pattern. [Feeling Stitchy] This really does apply to my home. Maybe a GBA instead?

The brilliant Rubitone concept by industrial designer [Ignacio Pilotto]  I love creative ways to display color gradation … Pantone colors make my eyes cross, though.

A knitted Ash from Bruce Campbell vs Army of Darkness by [the Adventures of Cakeyvoice] –”This is my boomstick!”  I’m quite fond of Mr. Campbell and Army of Darkness, myself.

Crocheted Ring Bracelet from contributor [Diane Gilleland] on Craft Stylish.

Halloween Ribbon Wreath from [the Long Thread]  This is one of those things that’s so straightforward my brain couldn’t possibly come up with it.  I might do this for the holidays.

A colorful crocheted Hexagon Granny Blanket from [Attic24] – I’d love to do a hexagon afghan (but only after I finish the ones in progress, eh?)

Feeling like some jewelry

Sat Jun 21, 2008 at 9:38 pm in Indie!, NaBloPoMo | 5 Comments

Shopping again! Like always. I spend too much time on Etsy. This time I’m shopping for metal. I got a pair of bronze shoes, and now I seem to think I must have things that go with them. One wonders – should I maybe have considered buying shoes that go with the things I have? No, of course not. That only limits the shopping options, you see.

People making things in bronze and brass seem to go for the filigreed and antiqued looks. This probably explains my attraction to those metals. I do love filigree. I wish I could make jewelry. Fussing with tiny little fastenings and wire wrapping would make me beyond crazy, though. I’ll leave that to talented folks like these.

Bronze jewelry collection

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Foliage Bracelet by Twist This Handcrafted Jewelry

2. Symphonic – filigree earrings with brown beads by Kristin Friesen

3. Lotus Hoop bronzed necklace by Lillyella

4. Fauno earrings inspired by Pan’s Labyrinth by Correlate

5. Antique roses necklace with bronze beads by Vineyard Creek

6. Secret Garden brass filigree bracelet by Heatherly Designs

7. Simara brass earrings by Luxe Deluxe

8. Spirals and Swirls bracelet in antiqued copper by Contrariwise

9. Tiny flower bronze earrings by Excess

Jewelry Frames

Thu May 1, 2008 at 8:10 pm in Finished Projects, Modern Domesticity | 1 Comment

Raw frames & fabric

Another finished project!  It’s not that I’ve been particularly busy, just sometimes all these projects I work on for a while sort of come together all at the same time.  Big old feeling of accomplishment!

A while back, I read this tutorial of Allyson Hill’s where she made a frame that held jewelry for her niece, as inspired by Austin local Anne Marie Beard.  I quite liked the idea, so I got a couple of frames and some odd pieces of scrap material from the quilt I made, and decided to try it out myself.

I’m not quite sure I like what I’ve come up with (particularly the decoration), but it was an interesting project, and it seems like it will be useful.

Instead of a piece of screen, I used a really wide weave cross stitch fabric to hang earrings on, and then attached hooks for all my necklaces to the wood. It was really the necklace-hanging I was interested in, and just a few spots for some of my more decorative earrings. I painted the wood, trying to make it look like found pieces, sort of antiqued.  I lightened them, but the pictures make it hard to see the dark brown one, but you can see the fabric leaves and flowers of the other.

What do you think?

Finished Frames

Jewelry Frames with Jewelry