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All I could really do this week was read stuff – last Sunday when I made my last post I thought my cold wouldn’t get much worse. But it did. And being pregnant, medication is not really advised. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried to make it through a bout of illness without medication before, and it is a truly miserable experience. My child also took every opportunity to let me know that sneezing, coughing, etc. were not enjoyable activities, and that I should quit. There was a lot of sneeze-punch-cough-kick-sneeze-jab going on.

But at least I got caught up with my feed reader, and found a few interesting things.

From Streetcolor’s blog (our local yarnbomber).  She was yarnbombing a bike rack outside a cafe when she got berated. I am astonished that someone would get pissy about someone trying to make this often-ugly world we live in a more beautiful and artistic place (and this particular location could use some joy and beauty). From her blog:

” This is not what these are for ! ” He yelled at me . ” You are impeding our access ! “

I was so shocked by this idea that my mind left the conversation and I started thinking deeply. Bike racks are only for bikes and not for making art with ? I couldn’t grasp this . I stared into space thoughtfully as he continued to berate me. Isn’t every thing , every object a possible material for playing with, for making art. Isn’t the whole world something wonderful to play with in any way possible ? Are bike racks forbidden art  objects ?

I’m still enjoying Streetcolor’s work outside my local library. The bike rack yarnbomb there has been up for months now! Speaking of yarnbombing, I ordered this print from Nut and Bee. How could I not?


On a totally different note, Katherine posted about half-size patterns on Sew Retro. I had no idea such a thing existed, but now that I know it is an excellent way to try out techniques without going to the expense, frustration and headache of full-size garments. When I make something that’s theoretically for me, in my size, I get very cranky when it doesn’t work out. Or in the reviewer’s words:

Hmmm. And so another benefit of half scale patterns came to light: instead of inventing six salty new swearwords (which I would have done if this had been full scale), I merely called into question the legitimacy of my sewing machine’s parentage and decided to quit for the night.

This is better than what I’ve been doing, which is to get 80% of the way through a pattern, get frustrated, stick it in a box, and feel upset and grumpy about it for 2+ years until I bring it out again to finish it.

Also, randomly:

  • I’m depressed this movie was ever made: Stonehenge Apocalypse
  • Wondering if a completely adorable stamp set would enable me to remember to send anyone a birthday card, ever, even late. I also don’t remember anniversaries.
  • Not sure all nerdy crafts are a good plan. That poncho … But others are much better. No, I’m not stating a preference for Star Trek over Star Wars. They are both lovely, as long as we’re talking Star Wars 4-6, anyway, and TNG.
  • Crafters are familiar with people thinking what they do is grandmother-ish (even though it’s not). I got a double whammy, deciding to become a librarian, where you put up with stereotypes like these. The superior looks on the teenagers faces are lovely.

Off to try to continue getting better. *snifflecoughhack* one day at a time.

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