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Fri Nov 12, 2010 at 6:18 pm in Favorite Finds, NaBloPoMo

A few things I starred in Google Reader. My list of starred items is over 130, and dates back over a year. Think it’s time to clean it out already? Anyway, here’s some interesting tidbits I was reminded of, some recent, some not so much. Some of you who are addicted to blog reading and attached to Reader like me will have seen a couple of these.

Row 1

1. Pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti. Lots of patience. Reminds me a bit of Willard Wigan.  2. Kirby’s Epic Yarn game for the Wii, designed with a crafty graphics look. Folks like me are apparently not so uncommon in the gaming world, because The Sims Medieval is coming out soonish also. 3. Needle artist Jean Baggot’s life story as a tapestry (video after the link. Fascinating.) via Craft.

row 2

4. Norwegian Black Metal by Karabouts. Her crochet sculptures are very creative, and the photography is clever as well. Laughed out loud. 5. Cross Stitch Animation Video. A story in cross stitch via Craft. I keep watching it and then feeling tired at all the detailed work that went into it. 6. Anatomy of a Sewing Machine from Whipup (fascinating if you like mechanical moving parts!),

row 3

7. 101 reasons to buy handmade from the artists of Poppytalk. Read this first last year, still like it. 8. Paper weaving for kindergartners from from an antique book, described as “apparently American, from 1892, made by ‘M. Kistler’” from the Beinecke Cabinet of Curiosities. I wonder if kindergartners still do interesting things like this. 9. Berkeley has some seriously awesome Pacific sunsets. Do you think someone one-upped my sunset picture from last Sunday? Maybe one of these did?

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