Bits & Bags 1: Elastic Wrist Straps and A Fear of Zippers

Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 1:18 am in Embroidery, Finished Projects, Organization, Sewing

Working my way through Organizational Items A-F (actually it’s now A-H), but here are five of my completed items.

First up: Button Pincushions! These are not fancy pincushions–not cute animals or stuck into teacups or some such–but they are functional. My intent was to just make the wrist pincushions, but I had extra fabric, so I whipped up a third fat little guy.


I’ve loved wrist pincushions since I first discovered my mom’s when I was a kid – I thought it was genius and stole it regularly. I now have one of the standard Dritz wrist pincushions ones too, but these days the shine is off. I think it’s ugly, too thin, and I don’t like the plastic wrist band. My wrist pincushions are a take-off of a Keyka Lou free pattern. I sewed mine with 2 fabric layers and iron-on fleece, while hers are made of 3 layers of fabric. Also, mine have a comfy elastic wrist strap which I came up with all by my lonesome.

Pincushion guts

Not sure what happened, but the green one is a tad malformed … I must have stuffed it funny. These little guys will save me from sticking my pins and needles into random cushions on the couch or into my clothing while embroidering … a practice which I’m sure will one day become tragic if I continue.


Second: FEAR OF ZIPPER. These two items mean that I’ve now sewn a zipper into three items in my entire sewing life. I decided my irrational fear of sewing in zippers must end. It’s not that hard. At some point I became petrified of zippers to the point of avoiding them like they are months-old moldy cheese. So here I am facing sewing fears–I’m sure some past therapist is very proud. I’m not going to pretend my zippers are at a professional level, but they’re definitely functional and not bad-looking, I think.

Plus it never hurts to distract everyone by adding cute cat charms

Zippered bags

I messed about with quilting for these bags … each side of the bags is quilted using thin fleece. One bag has straight line patterns, the other curvy free-form sewing. Quilting makes for thick sturdy bags, which is useful because I intend to keep sharp pointy objects in bags like these – an awl and scissors to start – and thick sides mean the sharp pointy things have less of a chance of poking me when I reach for the bags.

Tiny Quilting

I’m plowing through these now at a great rate of speed, should be ready to post a couple more items soon!!

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It all looks good and the green pin cushion matches the bags. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Jennifer — Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 9:28 am (link)

Congratulations on facing and conquering your zipper fear :) The bags with the cat charms are very cute as are your wrist pin cushions!!! Someday I’m going to face my fear and actually buy a sewing machine :)

MrPuffy — Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 9:57 pm (link)

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