Tonight We Toil, Tomorrow We ??

Fri Nov 13, 2009 at 10:52 pm in NaBloPoMo, Pets

There’s going to be a surprise tomorrow.

Right now, all I have is a slight migraine and not enough time to do everything. But there aren’t any more boxes to unpack in the kitchen, to my everlasting delight. I really did not know where all of it could possibly fit, but in it went.

For relaxation, I’m participating in the November Mystery Crochet Project at Sarah London’s blog. I needed some levity in my life. I think I know what it’s going to be, but I could be surprised yet.

For now, remember that hammer drill?  This is Jeff the non-power-tool-enthusiast jackhammering the recalcitrant concrete walls in my craft closet. By this point he was not very amused with anything at all in the entire world. He just wanted it to be done. Even very small hammer-type devices are not easy on your hands.

Jeff with a Hammer Drill

And this is what the poor cat looks like during the extremely loud drilling, when she doesn’t want to leave for fear she’ll miss something, but doesn’t want to stay because it’s too loud.

Cat Ear Ow

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