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I’ve been a busy camper since my last post.  We had a hurricane-related guest who returned home to find her huose still standing.  I worked furiously, no feverishly to get all of my self-assigned tasks for last week accomplished, had a weekend full of weird things that sorta didn’t work out and finally I just got sick over the past few days.  I’m looking forward to life feeling more like normal.

The brain was nevertheless working and the fingers were busy. Last week my kitchen table spent time looking like a cyclone had hit it.  Who am I kidding? It still kinda looks like this:

Mess on my Table

It shows a bit of what I may have been working on and that it’s fall-like, but it does not give too many hints.  No sirree.  My swap partner might not have opened her package yet, so this is all anyone gets.  Some of it’s for me, though, I have to admit.  I am a bit fall crazy at the moment.  You see, I actually seem to have a bit of reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. I get a bit nuts with cold and dark, but I get much more depressed and out of sorts when the days are relentlessly hot and humid and sunny.  Go figure.  Such was June, July and August, and I’ve really struggled with it these past weeks, trying to feel somewhat energetic or interested in things.

Callie sleeps

This little bundle of fur made it better.  I know she likes us, but in that cat-like way she is always nearby and watching us, but never too near us.  I took this sitting at the kitchen table, she was next to me.  Jeff’s mom brought coolers to save her stuff from defrosting while her house had no power, and so Callie slept there next to me for hours while I worked.

Meanwhile I’ve mostly been resting and catching up on old reading, meaning I’ve been devouring tomes on the middle ages and sci-fi stuff. Did you know there was a lagoon city before Venice called Altinum? In fact, Venice’s builders went there after being chased off from Altinum by barbarians.  While I was [working on secret project] I also watched the History Channel’s Barbarians II series which was pretty good.  I will admit to talking to the television and telling it what was historically inaccurate.  It’s just possibly I might have spent two years of my life studying the early Germanic tribes, so…

Looking down the Pedernales

Jeff and I did make an attempt to hike at Pedernales Falls SP last weekend.  FAIL.  We got lost on a number of back roads because the GPS in yon iPhone disappears when you get too far off county roads.  I saw some neat things, and would like to go back and bring my camera, but meanwhile all I have is this picture of the Pedernales River (pronounced Purd-uh-naal-ez ’round hereabouts).  That right there was where I got my shoes and socks so wet the hike had to be scrapped.  At least it was pretty!

If you have a moment, check out this Japanese train furnished in IKEA that’s pretty darn snazzy & surprising.  My other thought was “that wouldn’t last 10 minutes before someone [insert something gross] on it in Manhattan.”  I’m a Manhattan fan, but it’s true.

Off to play and work!

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You may have gotten lost – but it sounds like a fun adventure nevertheless!

I’m intrigued…. still not opened my gift as Mr Puffy had surgery. He’s doing well although we are all drained.

MrPuffy — Thu Sep 25, 2008 at 8:15 pm (link)

I too have summer SADD
My Doc actually diagnosed me as ‘allergic to summer’! And he was only half joking.
I get really lethargic and depressed especially in Sept/Oct when it should getting cool but isn’t.

I also just watched Barbarian II. It was fun but I take everything on the History Channel with a pinch of salt. They seem to be becoming less and less edu-, more and more -tainment.

Esther — Fri Oct 3, 2008 at 3:26 am (link)

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