This is the end.

Well, we’ve finally come to the end of this line. After 583 posts and six years, I am officially shutting down Crafter by Night. This will be my last post.

It has been a lovely blog, and I have enjoyed writing it over the years. I have enjoyed all the crafting that went into it as well. It has been fun to tweak the settings, add and subtract pages, get caught up in ideas, and sometimes just sit down and write. I’ve enjoyed all the comments I’ve received over the years, and wish I could have “met” more of you online. The people I do know through this blog are some very nice folks indeed. I really never imagined when I started it that it would stick around for nearly six years and be such an important part of my life. I am immensely grateful that I started it back in 2007, and hope that you guys have enjoyed it too.

I’m shutting it down because I don’t have the time or energy for either the subject of the blog (purportedly crafting) or for doing the blogging itself. It takes time and effort to make the posts, and these days I don’t have what it takes to get the crafting done, the pictures up and then write the words that accompany them. I’m ridiculously behind on my email box at this point, and I can’t begin to imagine where I’d get the time to blog. I know that may change in the coming months/years, but I do believe that this blog has already achieved what I wanted it to, and that its time is over. I’d rather end it now than let it drag out with sad catch-up posts coming only twice a year. So – finis.

If you are interested, I am going to continue to blog in a much simpler way (via Tumblr) over at, about life in general, and if I find time to craft I imagine it will land there.

In the words of the Sound of Music:

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

Getting Settled

Sat Apr 13, 2013 at 11:15 pm in Eleanor, My Life | 1 Comment

What a strange couple of months it has been.


Jeremy and Eleanor

What do you mean I have to unpack all this?

Follow up to earlier "won't nap" photo. Eleanor falls asleep during dinner.

Eleanor and Jeff

In the cabinets

Fun with crayons

I realized yesterday or the day before that I’ve been almost off the internet for almost a month now, aside from the occasional tired/lame twitter post. Basically what happened is that we finally found an apartment, we moved in, and unpacked. We, or rather I, managed to unpack the house in under a week, fueled mostly by determination and willpower. I just couldn’t stand living around piles of boxes and feeling so temporary anymore. While I was acting like a whirling dervish, Jeff had this weird thing called  a full time job where in they expect him to do stuff during the week. Apparently sometimes people have to do this thing called work, or something like that? I don’t know.

In any case, after most of the boxes were gone we started trying to find some level of normalcy, and started doing weird things like cooking and other long-lost domestic pursuits. I even had plans for taking Eleanor to story time and to museums and whatnot, and maybe getting out and meeting people, or being social. Which would all have been fine and dandy, except that I got the stomach flu early this week, and am now on my bazillionth day of thinking that food is my worst enemy. Ugh. Today Jeff came down with whatever I have. Can we not have a normal week around here?!

While we battled boxes and flu, Eleanor learned to walk. Seriously. She’s walking around the house on her own now. She’s not 100% steady, but she no longer requires mom and dad’s support at all. She just heads off. This has led to me weepily looking at pictures and videos of her from months ago when she was just a tiny baby who was learning how to smile. (Honestly, sometimes instead of weeping I hyperventilate thinking about how hard those newborn days were.) Next week-end she turns a year old, and I suppose now that she’s walking she’s a toddler, not a baby any more. Sniffle. My baby is growing up. I can honestly say this has been both the shortest and longest year of my life. Funny how time works like that.

I feel as if I should mention crafting since this is supposedly still a crafting blog. I have been steadily embroidering when not unpacking and being sick, and am almost done with the second pillowcase I was working on. In the middle there I started working on a crocheted dress for Eleanor, which I frogged three days later because it was so darn ugly. *sigh* They’re not all winners. Meanwhile, I also came up with an idea for a whole line of embroidery patterns, and started thinking maybe I’d pursue that since I’m not working right now. I’ve always wanted to do something like that, and while I’m caring for Eleanor full time it would be really great to have a couple of creative projects to work on, a goal to get myself thinking, etc. We’ll see.

Whew. Cross your fingers for me that we manage a normal, healthy week one of these weeks.



While She Sleeps

Mon Mar 18, 2013 at 7:03 pm in My Life, WIP | 1 Comment
Greetings from a variety of places in Oregon! We've been here a couple of weeks now and wow, what a couple of weeks it's been. You may be able to tell we've been visiting waterfalls. We've taken the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing along with the moving, and as it turns out there are a lot of waterfalls in Oregon. We haven't even been to the state park that apparently is the Mother Lode of waterfalls, too (Silver Falls or something like that). Above is part of Multnomah Falls (part of the beautiful Cascade Gorge), and below is some falls from somewhere near Crater Lake that I can't remember the name of. Don't judge. There's been a lot to do.

So I had to check to see when I last posted to my blog. It actually hasn't been that long, but it FEELS like it's been about six months. We successfully moved out of our apartment the last day of February and have been moving and traveling and in temporary housing ever since. I won't bore you with the details, but moving has been pretty difficult, finding a place to live in Portland pretty difficult, getting settled pretty difficult, finding me a job pretty difficult … anyway the list goes on. I can't say that I expected all of it to be cake, but it's been harder and more unsettling than expected. At least there have been some decent sunsets in the mountains:

Plus I have a baby to care for in the midst of it. Anyone can tell you I am a PRO at moving (I have moved an astonishing number of times in the last 20 years), but moving with a baby? Oy. Plus, it's moving a baby who has learned to both crawl and walk WHILE WE WERE ON THE ROAD. It is ridiculous. She is now refusing to sit anywhere, and demands to walk and stand at all times. Plus she's picked up a few more consonant sounds. So essentially we have a staggering baby who sounds like an Ewok on our hands. Zub Zub.

And to top it all off that baby's response to moving/traveling has been to refuse to nap. She will now ONLY nap when she's in the car. At first this was kind of a mini-tragedy for me. Any mother will tell you that nap time is super extra precious important time because it's that one tiny slice of day when you can Get Things Done. Or take a nap. Or have some time for yourself. Or really, time do anything but watch the baby and make sure she isn't sticking her fingers into the cat's mouth or the nearest electrical socket. But lately, I've realized I can still do this while she naps:

Because if you remember to bring along your crafting bag (OF COURSE I had a travel crafting bag while moving, what do you take me for?), and you have the presence of mind to remember there are available projects to work on(I don't always have that presence of mind), you can actually keep your fingers and mind busy with tiny pink cardigans and embroidered pillowcases while the baby naps in the car.

Because why wouldn't you sit in a random parking lot while your baby sleeps and embroider pillowcases? Amirite?

Anyway, that's what I've been doing. I can't pretend I don't get some strange looks for crocheting and embroidering in my car in parking lots, but that's because people don't understand that the Baby Must Nap No Matter What And I Am Tired Of Being Bored While She Does. So there. Actually, when I realized I was overlooking all that available time to craft things and do hand work, I wanted to smack myself. It's a fact of my life that I never seem to have enough time to do the kind of hand sewing and crocheting I like to do, and there I was, just wasting available hours! Derp.

So that's what I've been doing. And you?